HIS Ministries seeks to demonstrate the compassion of Christ.

HIS Ministries began operation in 2012, under the leadership of Bill Thomas, to bring several Christ-centered ministries together to reach the impoverished community residing in downtown Brunswick, Georgia. Operating almost entirely through committed volunteers, HIS Ministries focuses on showing the love of Christ to the people in this community who daily face the detrimental effects of drug addiction, poverty, violence, homelessness and sexual exploitation.

While there are several ministries and organizations serving the immense needs of these precious people, many are directed to solving one or a few issues and cannot help everyone with all their needs. HIS Ministries understands this issue, and wishes to lend a hand by being a connection point for persons in need and various ministry resources available to them throughout Glynn County.  Where there is a need that exists outside the options available, we will prayerfully seek to provide solutions.

The activities offered at our facility are designed to restore hope to the at-risk men, women and children in the neighborhood by building fruitful relationships. Despite the deep wounds experienced by this community, HIS Ministries stands firm in the belief that Christ alone has the power to transform and heal the most broken lives.

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