Bill’s Story

Written by Bill

“When you do this unto the least of these you do this unto me.”

Matthew 25:40

This verse became my inspiration to change the direction of my career to incorporate those people I had previously considered “useless” to society. While working with the Justice and Treasury Departments, I often had access to the records of criminals’ backgrounds and what may have led to their incarceration. Too often, these people come from childhood situations of abuse, hunger and neglect. God, through the Holy Spirit, convicted me that those I called “thugs, “He called “My children…. the least of these.”

Originally, I accepted a job from a local church organization in downtown Brunswick, Georgia. After about six years, I began to realize that the needs of the community and the desire of other churches to participate called for a more non-denominational organization. I shared my concern with a close friend and he brought me to our current facility on Norwich Street and told me I could use this building as long as I paid for the upkeep and utilities. HIS ministries (His Inspired Services) began in 2012 thanks to his generosity.

As the ministry began to grow with various activities, I asked to purchase the building and the overall 9 lots it covered. My friend quoted a price of $80,000 and through a generous matching grant by a local church of $40,000, we raised the money to purchase the building simply by reaching out to friends of the ministry and board of directors. Not long afterward, a young woman in the community came to me asking to use our facility to provide free meals one evening during the week to the community. I wasn’t sure we had enough space and the kitchen area was relatively small. While wondering if this would really work, another lady came within the hour to tell me that God had laid it on her heart to provide us with a commercial kitchen and large dining area. Through her faithfulness, we now have an addition to our building for our Friday Night Fellowship dinners. God is good!

The Holy Spirit continues to motivate and encourage the direction of HIS Ministries. As we serve to place the addicted in rehab, support impoverished families, and guide the youth surrounding Norwich Street, my prayer is that HIS Ministries will be faithful to His calling and good stewards of the blessings He has given us. Please check out our programs and join us either as a participant or volunteer as we further the love of Christ to “the least of these.”

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